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Hiking Kgale










Post by Allie McConville from Doane College

One big hill, a group of Americans, and no water. This was the situation that was upon us when we decided to embark on the ambitious adventure of climbing Kgale hill.

After going out and having a good time on Saturday night we came to the conclusion that Sunday morning would be the “puuurrfeecctt” time to go on a little hike. As we arrived Sunday morning (looking a little rough) everyone was ready to go. We started out the hike going at a steady pace and going strong. As we continued we slowly started to realize that we somehow had gotten off the path. No one seemed too concerned and we continued thinking that we would eventually find our way back to the trail. As time passed the “path” we were taking started to turn into a rock climbing, thorn dodging, “not for the faint hearted or overweight” kind of trail. Needless to say I was dying. Without water and slowly losing our ability to breathe, I, along with some of my fellow hikers, began to question the decision we had made.

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Suddenly after taking a much needed and lengthy break at the bottom of a huge boulder, we heard one of the more ambitious hikers yell, “We found the top!” I have never heard sweeter words in my entire life. As we climbed the boulder and reached the top my breath was taken away. I don’t know how much of that was due to the fact I was out of shape or the beautiful view I had just encountered, but it was definitely a breath taking experience. As I looked out on the whole city of Gaborone I realized the immense beauty that the city, as well as the country of Botswana held. 



I was very happy with my decision to wake up on a Sunday morning and climb one of the biggest hills in Botswana. I would however, give anyone else embarking on this adventure a couple of tips: Bring water, be in somewhat of a physical shape, and stay on the trail. Other than that you should be set. Happy hiking!



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I want to climb this one. Nice and surely breathtaking views.

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